Small Claims Court Cases

Small Claims Court Cases:

In Ontario, a Small Claims Court paralegal deals with civil claims such as breach of contract, tort and negligence, sale of goods and services, unpaid invoices, collection of debts, and wrongful dismissals. The Ontario Small claims court is a branch of Superior Court of Justice and its monetary jurisdiction is $30,000. If your claim is up to $30,000 then Small Claims Court is the best place to start your litigation at. You can still bring your claim in Small Claims Court paralegal if it is higher than $30,000 but the only disadvantage is that you will have to abandon your access to any amount over $30,000. The litigation process in small claims court is expeditious and cost-effective.

K.N.S. Legal Services' paralegal has extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with small claims court matters. Litigation at the small claims court appears to be simplistic but often becomes very complex and frustrating. Small Claims Court has certain rules that need to be followed throughout the proceedings in conjunction with the Courts of Justice Act. Without having a good working knowledge of the Small Claims Court's Rules, one may find the process complicated and confusing.

Therefore, in order to avoid any mistakes, frustration, and confusion, you should retain a paralegal. With all my experience and knowledge, I can better represent your legal interest in small claims court than you being your on representative. K.N.S. Legal Services' rates are affordable. K.N.S. Legal Services can represent you in every step of your litigation process starting from commencing legal action to the enforcement of a judgment. Some of the main steps in civil litigation are as follows:

  1. Drafting, filing, and serving of Plaintiff's Claim, Defense, and Defendants' Claim
  2. Representation at Settlement Conferences
  3. Drafting, filing, serving, and representation of Motions
  4. Preparation and representation of Trials
  5. Examination Hearings Enforcement of Judgment

Enforcement of Judgments and Tribunal Orders

  1. Judgment Debtors Examination Hearings
  2. Writ of Seizure and Sale of Land or Personal Property
  3. Garnishment of Bank Accounts and wages
  4. Enforcement of LTB orders, and other Tribunals

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