Landlord And Tenant Law

Landlord And Tenant Law:

The Landlord and Tenant Board deals with all issues related to residential tenancies in Ontario. The Board provides information to both landlord and tenant. Both landlords and tenants have rights and responsibilities which are set out in the Ontario’s Residential Tenancies Act. Often disputes occur between landlord and tenant which could potentially be resolved at the LTB. The LTB has a jurisdiction to hear such disputes and make determination under the RTA. A party may act on its own behalf or may seek assistance of a licensed paralegal or lawyer.

Though the LTB provides substantial information to public, but cannot fill out forms them or provide legal advice. Only a licensed paralegal or lawyer may provide legal advice or appear before the Board on behalf of a party. Many of the landlord and tenant issues require significant knowledge of both law and procedural issues. KNS Legal Services have expertise in dealing with both landlords & tenants disputes at the LTB. Some of the main services that I provide to both landlords and tenants are as follows:

Services for Landlords:
  1. Draft, file, and serve notices and relevant applications
  2. Response to tenant applications
  3. Attend hearings at LTB
  4. Eviction proceedings
  5. Enforce LTB orders
Services for Tenants:
  1. Draft, file, and serve applications
  2. Response to a landlord's applications
  3. Attend hearings at LTB

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